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What: The Campaign

In the society we currently live in, it is often easier to point out the wrongdoing of others, or play the blame game than look within ourselves and hold ourselves accountable. Very few of us are aware of the power we possess, and continue to willingly give away when we refuse to own up to our mistakes, correct our wrongs, and be responsible for the decisions we make in life.

 It seems as if everyone is adopting the “Woe Is Me” mentality, feeding an ego or chasing their need to receive instant gratification. It has become more difficult for people to not only take responsibility but also accept the consequences for their actions. We are moving further and further away from our selves, our true selves. The selves we like to hide from others and even hide from ourselves.

No.It’sMe is about self reflection and accountability, looking deep within ourself and finding out what is it that you are currently doing or not doing that is stopping us from manifesting the life we want to live. It's about looking at our fears and flaws right in the face and embracing them. It's about not allowing anything stop us  from living to our fullest potential, not even ourselves. We all have the tools inside, we just don’t apply them or are too busy looking for them in other people. No.It’sMe is about taking a break from the chaos of the world to really self reflect, learn about who we are, and get in tune with our wants and needs, even if it's not always positive as long as it's honest.

Why: Help Us Help You To Help Someone Else

​To help us help someone else. I am a firm believer that once we all become better people and truly find self love we will be able to not only treat ourselves better, but treat others better. In  my many years of working in various industries, particularly with entrepreneurs and in entertainment. I was fortunate enough to be among some of the most creative and beautiful minds I have ever met. Unfortunately, these beautiful minds in the form of artists and entrepreneurs were not always at peace, and it began to dawn on me the importance of mental health, especially as it relates to creatives. 


Who: The Creative

No.It'sMe is for you. It's for the creative, the entrepreneur, the person who's way of thinking does not always agree with what society has deemed acceptable. We are all creatives. Whether you are a rapper, dancer, singer, designer, visual artist, or business owner. You are human and were meant to create. Now what you create is up to you. Although they say some of the best art comes from tortured souls, I also believe these souls deserve to be healed and in that healing, can heal others. ​

For one reason or another the mind, and heart of a creative often works completely different than that of the average individual. 
Whether it be in how we communicate, which is often the lack of communication, or how we beat ourselves up internally about never doing enough or simply never being enough. Creatives tend to be  unable to express themselves outside of their art. No.It’sMe was created in order to assist in helping people help themselves be facing and embracing our darkest and more intimate parts of our souls and aligning our wants and needs with who we are on a daily basis.

How: Own Whom You Are

​​The good, bad and ugly. Owning what you’ve said and/or  have done is easy when things are going well, but it’s another to be willing to accept the same responsibility and hold yourself accountable when everything is going completely haywire. Our goal is to help people take their power back by accepting responsibility for their actions and holding themselves accountable for the things they do and say on a daily basis. 2016 was a year of self-reflection for many of us, and 2017 will not only be a year of self-reflection but will also be a year accountability and taking back control.

The only way to regain control and power of your life is to accept our role in every decision we make or do not make. We fail to realize that when we are too busy placing blame and pointing fingers we are also giving them our power. When you accept blame and take responsibility you are also taking back the ability to make the necessary changes that you need to make in order fix whatever needs to be fixed.



This is not about beating yourself up and blaming yourself. It about taking your power back, its about showing others how you have not allowed your flaws or insecurities stop you from accomplishing magnificent things. It’s about acknowledging and accepting that we have more control over our lives than we often give yourself credit for having.

It’s about self-reflection, self-awareness, owning your flaws, and becoming proactive in your life instead of reactive.

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